Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter?

I woke up this morning, Easter Morning, in Paradise (we live in S. Florida), and saw the news reporting the death of 4 more Americans and over a dozen Iraqis in the War. Easter celebrates love, compassion, PEACE. Many of us feel distant from the War, and we must, otherwise we are threatened to be overwhelmed with the tragic, dismal sadness of this disaster, and the many others in this world. I think we can't help but be effected by the stress of living through such tragedy, even at a distance. Can anyone truly be happy this Easter? I'm going to say yes. I think that if we are able to show love and compassion to those people around us, and have peace in our household, we can find the happiness that we all deserve. Happiness helps us tolerate the intolerable global situations we are exposed to daily. It helps us constructively resolve conflicts with our loved ones, to show compassion even while we strongly disagree with others. It helps us maintain PEACE in our homes, and to seek it in other areas of our lives. If you do not have happiness in your life today, try this. No fighting today. Tell a few people you love them. Give them a hug. Recall a pleasant memory, using pictures to bring it to life. Notice the beauty of the outdoors, flowers, the beach (if you're down here), the snow (if you're not here in S. FL.). Be thankful for the peace you have in your life, pray for those who don't have it now. Have a Happy Easter.