Wednesday, August 31, 2011


In preparation for Labor Day I thought it important to revisit this very important topic. I have written about it before (see my posting of 10/25/09, Drama Is A Drug), but believe it or not there continues to be so much unnecessary drama.  So I want to start a movement.  Let there be NO DRAMA on holidays.  This is good because holidays are supposed to be a time for celebration, relaxation, and fun.  It's the time of the year that family and friends get together to enjoy each other. And this is the beginning of holiday season. Unfortunately some of the worst, most dramatic drama happens at these gatherings.  One of the reasons for that is because old family issues resurface, and we can tend to act like angry, entitled teenagers.  Let's plan to break that pattern.  

Let's start this Labor Day.  Many of us are going to have picnics or barbecue and have people over.  Let them all know that there will be no arguments, no putting others down, no gossip (even about people who are not there), no pointing out mistakes that people make or weird outfits (or hairdos) that they have.  And this definitely applies to the kids.  Don't bring up their past behavior problems, school issues, or even chastise them in front of other people.  Also emphasize to them that they're not to bring any drama either, or they won't be able to share in the fun.

Some people may need reminders, because the real Drama Kings and Queens may not even be aware of how much drama they bring.  In fact, you should have a special chat with them before the gathering. And, if someone can't contain their drama after several private reminders, you may have to ask them to leave.  

At the end of the day you will feel less stressed (these gatherings are stressful enough without unnecessary problems).  You and your guests will have had a much more enjoyable time.  Everyone will look forward to the next holiday to spend together.