Tuesday, December 17, 2013


It is time for us to consider "New Year's Resolutions."  Even though many of us have gotten over the 'resolution' thing, a new year can't really start without us at least considering what we might want to do differently in 2014. 

I do think it's a good thing to periodically reflect on where we are in life.  How happy we are. Do we need to consider making some changes in order to be happier? And you don't have to wait until the new year comes around.  You should be monitoring your overall mood, and personal growth throughout the year.

The tradition is to make a list of 10 New Year's Resolutions.  That's likely a reason that many of us skip this annual tradition.  10 can be a lot, unless you're really messed up (just kidding!).  I suggest that you look at a couple of things in your life, for example, relationships (personal and professional), health (exercise and diet), what I like to call "excesses" (alcohol, drugs, food, spending, internet), spirituality.  See if there's room for improvement.  Usually there is.  Then identify a goal (for example, to exercise 3-4 times per week), and start with a baby-step (a walk on the beach on the weekend). 

That's how you do it.  Let me know if you need some help, and have a HAPPY 2014.

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