Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Thousand Eleven

'Twas the night before the New Year, 2011.
I look up to the stars, up into the heavens.
I say to myself, "Do I need some New Year's resolutions?"
To keep my life on track, is that the solution?
Tradition says to come up with 10 things to do.
But I know from experience that one can get the best of you.
So I think I'll come up with a new approach this year.
1 goal with 10 baby steps shouldn't be too much to bear.
My 2011 New Year's Resolution will be,
to move into the future with Information Technology.
Including the internet, iphones, ipads, even Wii.
It does seem like a lot, OMG!
I have to lol at myself, I don 't know what I'm getting into.
Maybe step 1 is figuring out what I'll actually have to do.
But wait a minute. I can text, and e-mail. I have a lap top.
I have my own website, and I have this blog.

No, I'm not on Facebook. I've left that alone.
But I can use the video and camera on my phone.

My ipod is goovin'. I don't need the itouch.
I think that some of this stuff is just too dang much!
Maybe with IT, what I already know (and don't) is fine.
Anymore that I need, I'm sure I'll get with time.
I think for now I'll stay where I am.
In fact, I've already come up with a better plan.
I'm gonna do what I do, and work really hard at that.
I'll eat healthier, and exercise more (find my hidden abs 6-pack).
I'll be more caring and kind , even in difficult situations.
I'll listen better, be more understanding, with friends and family relations.
More vacations, more beach time, more fun when I can.
That seems like enough of a 2011 plan.
As the new year approaches join me as I prepare,
And make time to be a BETTER YOU in this Happy New Year.

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