Wednesday, December 31, 2014


     I would keep in mind that most New Years resolutions last as long as the first time we get confronted with actually making the change.  So, maybe stop smoking, until you "really" need one.  Or start exercising, until you "just don't have the time".  But I do think that EVERYBODY can take a small first step towards changing their bad habits, or developing new good ones.  And the beginning of the year is as good a time as any to get started.

     So here we go.  Remember: baby steps.  Here's a few New Years resolutions for you to choose from.  At least one...
1.  I will be more conscious of my habits, and their consequences regarding my relationships, health, and work.

2.  I will proactively manage my stress better, and get help if I need it BEFORE it's too late.

3.  I will be sure to show the people who I love that I do, by how I treat them. 

4.  I will learn more about what I eat, and take steps to improve my diet.  To eat healthier.

5.  I will drink more water.

6.  I will exercise.

7.  I will control my anger, including apologizing to anyone who's been negatively impacted by it.

8.  I will consider forgiveness (even if I won't ever forget).

9.  I will worry less.

10.  I will make an ongoing effort to consider the POSITIVE possibilities  in all situations that I'm involved in.

I am sure that you've come up with some of your own.  If you have or haven't, consider the ones listed here.  Our goal is a happy, healthy, more compassionate 2015.