Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Christmas 2007 Vacation....

I advocate as much vacationing as you can stand. Unfortunately, that ends up being not that much for most of us. These are some photos I thought I'd share from our vacation this past week.

Our first stop (after the shopping was done) was Monkey Jungle. This Gorilla, named King, is pictured here chillin'. The main goal of my vacation, to chill out.

We had a great Christmas. Though I'm still getting used to the hot weather during the holiday season. I'm fine though without the snow and the cold.

Driving to the West Coast (of Florida) to enjoy some relaxation, and birthday celebration.

A swim. We also saw some dolphins!

Beautiful west coast sunset.

And Happy Birthday to me.....



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Twas The Night After Christmas (Part 2)

You can feel good. Your changes have begun.
Remember though, you've only started, the war is not yet won.
Take a day at a time. Stay committed and motivated.
And be patient if you slip up, remember how long you've waited.
The final step to keeping your New Years resolutions
While your breaking bad habits develop some healthy new ones.
Start an exercise regime. Take a 15 minute walk.
Say a few nice things about people, instead of the whiney or gossipy talk.
Find a hobby, travel some, give your kids some extra time.
Join a club. Socialize. Walks on the beach don't cost a dime.
Before you know it, time has passed, and you're starting to feel better.
You're saying to yourself, "I didn't know that I would get here!"
Very important. Please remember, though you've made it to this day,
Relapsing or slipping up, is a part of this, they say.
Don't worry. If you do that, all is not lost my friend.
Choose a new and smaller step, and get started once again.
So you have the steps. Start resoluting. 10 is enough they say.
But you only need 1, and that first step, to get you on your way.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

'Twas The Night After Christmas...(Part 1)

It was the night after Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. You're thinking you're done,

With the shopping,... the giving, ... the family drama,... and fun.

Now you're looking ahead at the coming New Year,

You're feeling "maybe now's the time to shift my butt into gear."

If I could just break some habits, I think I'd be fine,

I'm sure I can make changes before the start of '09.

Let's look at some reasonable New Year's resolutions;

Not the kind we always don't do, but some manageable solutions.

If you smoke too many cigarettes, or make too many bets;

If you yell at loved ones far too much, or are too easily upset.

Perhaps your problem is shopping more than you really can afford,

Or you're drinking more than you should, because you're usually bored.

Bad habits come in all shapes and sizes. Are your changes overdue?

Start now. Take small steps. '08 could be great for you.

First make a strong personal commitment to what you want to change.

Visualize the better you. Picture yourself without the chains.

Go ahead, imagine a non-smoking you, or less angry you, or less fast food in your day.

See a healthier you, or a more loving you, or someone who's more kind in what they say.

Think, what would my life be like if I had that extra money I spend,

and what your life will be when this bad habit is at an end.

Hold that picture. Next choose a small, but specific change in that unhealthy pattern.

Something that you will do to make it different than it has been.

One less cigarette per day for the first week, maybe two the week after that.

Or one less casino trip next month, or cut a carb or extra fat.

Next, get started with the change, to break a habit takes a while.

But beginning takes a minute. You've begun. Go ahead and smile.