Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This isn't the "Night Before Christmas," that story is old.
How to prepare for that night is what needs to be told.

By the night before Christmas, your work will be done.
So your Holiday time can be loads of fun.

It's 2 weeks before, you're still doing your shopping.
Count your pennies, and know when you should be stopping.

Stress tends to build as it gets closer to that Day,
And we give into it in a lot of unhealthy ways.

We eat and drink more, have less patience, get into fights.
Well get a grip, take a breath, this year do it right.

Let the spirit of the Season take a hold of you now.
Love and compassion, peace in your life, you should allow.

So go ahead, these next weeks, give a gift of love to your friends.
Offer family members forgiveness now, not after the season ends.

The holidays are also a time we remember people we've lost.
And the sadness it brings makes us feel worse.

Well acknowledge those feelings, but don't get stuck in the pain. Celebrate their life, enjoy good memories that remain.

During these 2 weeks before Christmas take stock of your blessings.
Don't get caught up in the materialism, and the need to buy things.

Prepare yourself and your family to enjoy the celebration.
And start the New Year with joy and jubilation.