Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Unfortunately many of us have given up on our dreams. Not only our dreams, but we've stopped dreaming. While growing up most of us had ideas about what would make us happy. We dreamt.  Many of the dreams we had as kids may not be appropriate for us now as adults. But we still deserve to be happy.

Take time now to assess how happy you are in your life and how happy you would like to be. Identify what you would like to have in your life that would help you achieve your happiness. Be specific. Identify the types of family and personal relationships you would like to have in your life. What would you like to be doing for work? For play? Where would you want to be living? What do you want your health to be like? Where do you want to be spiritually?

Write this stuff down, and don't limit yourself. Dream.

These dreams become achievable goals once you start working towards them. So, for example, you will begin to form the relationships you really want rather than feeling stuck in relationships that are not working for you. You will be more aware of how and what you eat. You will be more conscious of your habits, the ones you plan to keep, and those you need to break.  You can determine if exercise fits into your plans. You will be more aware of possible job opportunities that you might even enjoy.

This process helps you focus your life activities towards reaching your goals. Towards fulfilling your dreams. Now is the best time to figure out where you're headed.

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M said...

You are absolutely right. Dreams are critical to happiness. Thank you for the great tips on how to reinvigorate that principle.